Things To Remember When Visiting the United States

traveling in the United States


Many first-timers in the United States are often scared to travel around the place. That’s why some tourists from other countries tend to visit other cities that are smaller so then they can travel easier. The country also got too much exposure to the world to the point where people will feel overwhelmed with everything in the city.

Gladly, we can educate you a thing or two about this lovely country so then you will feel more comfortable with everything in it. Being prepared to travel also means that you need to understand the whole place itself as it avoids the so-called culture shock. We also assure you that this guide will also make you more friendly to the Americans as you talk to them or when they approach you for some small talk (Americans love to do that!).

Here are the things that every foreigner should know when visiting the United States of America:

It is Huge and Diverse

Foreigners may think that California and New York are just nearby countries like visiting one region to another one in a different country. That’s why some may think that traveling the whole United States for a month or two can be enough. However, that is an impossible feat to do because the United States of America has states that are as big as European countries. Just take note that traveling from New York to California may take you 5 to 6 hours.

Aside from being a huge country, each state is diverse when it comes to the culture and characteristics of the people. For example, most states in the Pacific Northwest have a ‘happier and livelier mood’ than most states. On the other hand, those in the Northeast such as New York can yell at you for being a slow walker as they tend to hurry up all the time. Take note that even the climate is diverse as there are some cities that are snowy, while other cities like Phoenix can be extremely hot during summertime.


Each State Has Different Laws

The United States have different types of laws: federal, state and local laws. You might get surprised that your speed limit in a certain state may be illegal in other states. The best way to identify this is by going with the flow as you walk around and observe what people do. Be completely wary about this as it might get you into trouble all of a sudden if you don’t do your research.


They Expect Tips

Tips may not be included in a bill after eating out. The taxi doesn’t also charge these tips when you see the driver’s meter. But the staff and/or taxi drivers that you will encounter always expect a tip. A normal tip for a good service is set at 15% your total bill – it is an unwritten rule that’s always followed. But since it’s a tip, you can still lower or even go higher than the 15% when needed. They see it as a way to help out the servers with their finances.


Never Make Fun of America and Talk About Politics

Some Americans tend to talk trash about how their government system works. Some are even rude against their neighbors. But a tourist must never make fun of what they do and what America stands for. Americans will get extremely defensive whenever you say something bad about the country as they are still proud Americans.

Politics isn’t a nice thing to talk about in the country as well because people will get very serious about it. But you can comfortable talk about this if you have a friend in the United States. Otherwise, just avoid criticizing their own version of politics. Note that American politics are not unified; it is just as diverse as its laws and states ever since the Civil War. Trust us, talking about American politics in the country will not just result in debates, but also yelling and cursing to the point where a fight may ensue.


There’s More Than Just The Cities in the United States

Most foreigners who visit the United States tend to visit the cities only. However, the United States of America is actually large enough to hold numerous valleys, forests, mountains and even rivers and beaches that are truly eye-catching. That’s why many cities have built their respective National Parks for you to have a nice way to experience the beauty of America’s nature. But if you want to really go away from the city, it’s best to take a long road trip and check out places like the Grand Canyon.


These guides are often enough for you to understand the fact that the United States is a country that has its own difference when compared to other countries. For sure you will even think right now that the country appears to be entirely different due to its large diversity. But don’t get scared or shocked on what you learned about the Americans and its geography; the place is still beautiful as it is and there are many wonderful people to meet here as well!

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