Top 4 Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam

Visit Amsterdam


The capital city of the kingdom of Netherlands is one of the greatest tourist destinations in the whole world. Amsterdam is one of the greatest cultural centers with its great universities, academies, research institutes, museums, theatres, and historic homes.
Let’s explore the most significant places that you should visit in Amsterdam.

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1. The Rijksmuseum:
It was built in 1809 and is considered one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. The museum has one of the rarest and most impressive art collections. It has more than 7 million artworks including more than 5,000 of the world’s most important paintings. The museum also has one of the greatest libraries that have more than 35,000 books and manuscripts that show the significance of art and culture in the country and some other areas of Europe and the world.

Also, the museum has a special collection that includes traditional handicrafts, medieval sculpture, and modern art styles.
There are English guided tours and you should try the fun art history canal cruise too.
The museum is located at Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam and it is a must visit tourist attraction in Amsterdam.

2. The Van Gogh Museum:
Vincent Van Gogh is considered one of the greatest artists of all time. Each year, about one million and half visit this museum to enjoy the imagination of Vincent. His tragic life and remarkable paintings are totally worth visiting.

The museum is considered one of the most important art galleries in the world because it displays the art and life of one of the most famous artists in the world. The collection is large including more than 200 paintings, 500 drawings, 700 letters and many other works and materials. 
The museum is located at Paulus Potterstraat 7, 1071 CX Amsterdam. If you are an art enthusiast, this should be your first destination in Amsterdam.

3. The West Church:
In 1966, Queen Beatrix was married at The West Church; it is the most popular church in Amsterdam. The church was completed in 1630.
It has some of the most impressive gothic features with its Langer Jan which is an 85-meter tower. At the top of the tower, you will find the emperor’s crown large replica in memory of Emperor Maximilian.

Emperor Maximilian was cured in Amsterdam so he decided to include the city under his protection. The tower has many features that will impress you too.
The church is located at Prinsengracht 281, 1016 GW Amsterdam and it is totally worth visiting especially if you are interested in the gothic art.

4. The Royal Palace:
It is the residence of the king when he is in the city. The Royal Palace’s construction is outstanding. Its classical exterior and magnificent interior designs are based on the architecture of ancient Rome.

The decorations, the sculptures, the paintings especially the ceiling paintings and many other features that represent how amazing this palace is.
It is located at Dam and when the king is not in the city, it is available for visit.


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