Top 4 Things to Do in Chefchaouen Morocco

Chefchaouen Morocco


Have you heard about Chefchaouen, the blue city? You may have seen some of its pictures on social networks and wondered if this place is even real; yes it is real and in Morocco. Its blue walls and great mountains make the town charismatic. In 1471, Moorish and Jewish people escaped from the Reconquista of Spain and established this city so it is not just a beautiful city but also a historic one. If you are planning to visit Chefchaouen, this guide will tell you the best things you should do there. Let’s go for a journey to Chefchaouen Morocco.

1. Guided tour:

Tour guides are great there as the town already is a small one and the stories are not so many. The tour will teach you about the gates of Chefchaouen and the majesty of the walls. There is a flour mill there through which you can admire the small signs of the city when the pioneers decided to build it. You will also love the water spring of the medina. Food during the tour varies according to where you will eat; suggestions of local restaurants are not good as you will pay a lot of money there while you can eat the same meals for less money.

2. Old City and Medina:

Shopping in Chefchaouen is one of the greatest things to do in this beautiful, blue town. The town’s souk may not be the biggest in Morocco but it offers great traditional souvenirs. After exploring the streets of the town and enjoying the town’s atmosphere, explore the souk and buy some souvenirs. The blue city is well known for its traditional items too.

3. Cascades d’Akchour:

What is beyond the blue streets? You will be surprised with what is beyond the blue streets which is the beautiful, crystal, blue waterfalls. The blue theme of the town is consisted of the blue waterfalls and the blue streets; it is the most perfect blue combination you will ever see. Enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and don’t forget to see the Bridge of God; it is a rock arch spanning the river.

4. Hike in the Rif Mountains:

Hiking in the Rif Mountains will make you appreciate the nature especially the nature of the town itself. The panoramic views that you will watch from above are stunning. These mountains are as beautiful as the Atlas Mountains but they are not as well-known as them. The peaks that rise above the Mediterranean Sea and reach 6500 feet are considered among the best hiking roads in Africa. Some of the options that the place offers are the two day trek to the Talasemtane National Park. That place is amazing too and will add a lot to your trip. You can enjoy the mountains from the streets of the town; but it is a whole different experience when you head up there.

These are just for things that you can do in Chefchaouen Morocco. The blue city has a lot to offer; all you need to do is to go there and explore the city.

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