Top Things to Do in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok began as a small trading center and port community on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River some 200 years ago. Today, while the city is up to speed with modern times, the grandeur and glory of its illustrious past still prevails. Be it dazzling temples, spectacular palaces, a world-famous floating market or colorful Chinatown. Each of these famous places has an intriguing story to tell.
Here are the top 5 things to do in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Things To Remember When Visiting the United States

traveling in the United States


Many first-timers in the United States are often scared to travel around the place. That’s why some tourists from other countries tend to visit other cities that are smaller so then they can travel easier. The country also got too much exposure to the world to the point where people will feel overwhelmed with everything in the city.

Gladly, we can educate you a thing or two about this lovely country so then you will feel more comfortable with everything in it. Being prepared to travel also means that you need to understand the whole place itself as it avoids the so-called culture shock. We also assure you that this guide will also make you more friendly to the Americans as you talk to them or when they approach you for some small talk (Americans love to do that!).

Here are the things that every foreigner should know when visiting the United States of America:

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Top 4 Tourist Attractions in Amsterdam

Visit Amsterdam


The capital city of the kingdom of Netherlands is one of the greatest tourist destinations in the whole world. Amsterdam is one of the greatest cultural centers with its great universities, academies, research institutes, museums, theatres, and historic homes.
Let’s explore the most significant places that you should visit in Amsterdam.

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Why Should You Visit Mexico?

Visiting Mexico


One of the hottest destinations to visit is Mexico. Nearly, everything in this country is amazing like its cosmopolitan capital city, Caribbean coastline and Secret Island escapes. If you didn’t decide yet whether to visit Mexico or not, this guide will tell you why you should visit Mexico right now.

1. The Cuisine:
Nowadays, there are a lot of Mexican restaurants all over the world that serves Mexico’s delicious dishes. It is not only about tacos and tortas; actually the Mexican cuisine dishes differ from south to north and all the dishes are delicious. You may have tried some Mexican dishes in your country but trust me, it is different when you eat the food from its original makers. You will have a lot of options to eat throughout your journey to the extent that you may never eat the same dish twice.

2. The Music:
If you like music, you should attend a music concert while your visit in Mexico. The traditional music is spectacular and so underrated. It even varies according to where you listen to it. Attending a live musical concert there will still be better than listening to your favorite playlist while your visit; you will feel more alive in the concert.

3. The people:
You may not like Mexican food or Mexican music but you will definitely like the Mexican people; it is the one thing that everyone agrees upon regarding this country.  People are so warm, friendly, helpful, and welcoming. While you speak Spanish or not, the Mexican people are familiar with all kinds of people and they will find a way to provide you with all the information you need.

4. Animals:
Costa Rica which is the neighbor or Mexico is considered a better place to visit if you are looking for animals but Mexico should be your destination if you are looking for unique animals. The animals in this North American are so different from animals anywhere else; axolotl, cacomistle Mexican prairie dogs, and vaquita porpoise are all unique Mexican animals that you will not find anywhere else.

5. The Expenses:
Mexico is an affordable destination for anyone especially British and American citizens. The prices are not high in most of the tourist attraction places. They are kind of high in placed like Cancún and Baja California which are heavily tourist populated areas but they are still not that expensive. The Mexican peso is fluctuating nowadays which is not very good for the Mexican people but for the visitors, it is great.

6. The Beaches:
Most travelers either spend their time exploring the cities and the towns or enjoying their time on the Mexican beaches. Mexico has some of the most wonderful beaches in the world and the government of Mexico knows that so the condition of the beaches is world class.
You can enjoy surfing in Oaxaca and the southern coastline, whale watching in Baja California in addition to the spectacular crystalline seas of Cancún and pristine white beaches of Tulum.

This guide should convince you that Mexico is a great place to visit but you will know that the place is great only when you are there. I hope that you will spend lovely times in one of the greatest countries in the world; Mexico.



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Top 5 Tourist Attraction in Dubai

Visiting Dubai


One of the most interesting cities nowadays is Dubai with its new buildings and its wonderful atmosphere.  Let’s see the most famous tourist attractions that you should visit in Dubai.

1. Burj Khalifa:
Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world; that is a special marque of Dubai that it has the tallest, the biggest and glitziest places on Earth. Burj Khalifa contains the fastest lift in the world.

The views from the building are spectacular. It is heaven for photographers so if you are a photographer, you can take some of the most incredible photos you will ever capture. Watch the views first thing in morning and at night and notice the difference; capture the sunset and the sunrise. You can also see the beach.

2. Dubai Creek:
Now after enjoying Burj Khalifa which is an example of our ultra-modern civilization, enjoy a simple abra ride on Dubai Creek. For one dirham, you can take a beautiful boat (which will be old roofed for the atmosphere) from Bur Dubai Abra Station (which is located on the southern side) and take a ride across the creek. It is so lovely when it is sunset especially when a call to prayer happens; it is so spiritual experience.

The city was established in 1960s and you will feel like you were there when they decided to build the city especially if you took this trip after visiting Burj Khalifa. On the other side, there is a souk where you can do shopping for inexpensive prices; it is a surprise I know to do shopping in Dubai on the cheap.

3. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding:
Islam is the main religion of United Arab Emirates and many people think that it is the religion of terrorism but they want to know the truth about this religion; this place is the most perfect to know about Islam. Sheikh Mohammed was married to a European woman and the general manager of the place is Sheikh Nasif who is a so charismatic character. You will leave this place with a whole new idea about the Islamic world.     

4. Dubai’s public parks:
Why are the public parks of Dubai different from any public parks around the world? Because you will not find Filipino, Pakistani, Indian, Emirati, Arabic and European families sitting and playing together except in Dubai. Any public park in Dubai will make you feel that the world is just one big family.

5. Burj Al Arab:
This is the world’s only 7-star hotel; it calls itself that. It is an iconic building that is designed to be like a billowing sail with its various views. The most amazing view is the one from the public beach that is next to it. The hotel is always among the recommendations of the most luxurious hotels in the whole world.

These are just 5 places. Dubai has more and more places that you should visit while you are there. Try to gather all the information about the places, the prices, what to do and how to do everything. I am sure that it will be a great experience.

Top 4 Things to Do in Chefchaouen Morocco

Chefchaouen Morocco


Have you heard about Chefchaouen, the blue city? You may have seen some of its pictures on social networks and wondered if this place is even real; yes it is real and in Morocco. Its blue walls and great mountains make the town charismatic. In 1471, Moorish and Jewish people escaped from the Reconquista of Spain and established this city so it is not just a beautiful city but also a historic one. If you are planning to visit Chefchaouen, this guide will tell you the best things you should do there. Let’s go for a journey to Chefchaouen Morocco.

1. Guided tour:

Tour guides are great there as the town already is a small one and the stories are not so many. The tour will teach you about the gates of Chefchaouen and the majesty of the walls. There is a flour mill there through which you can admire the small signs of the city when the pioneers decided to build it. You will also love the water spring of the medina. Food during the tour varies according to where you will eat; suggestions of local restaurants are not good as you will pay a lot of money there while you can eat the same meals for less money.

2. Old City and Medina:

Shopping in Chefchaouen is one of the greatest things to do in this beautiful, blue town. The town’s souk may not be the biggest in Morocco but it offers great traditional souvenirs. After exploring the streets of the town and enjoying the town’s atmosphere, explore the souk and buy some souvenirs. The blue city is well known for its traditional items too.

3. Cascades d’Akchour:

What is beyond the blue streets? You will be surprised with what is beyond the blue streets which is the beautiful, crystal, blue waterfalls. The blue theme of the town is consisted of the blue waterfalls and the blue streets; it is the most perfect blue combination you will ever see. Enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and don’t forget to see the Bridge of God; it is a rock arch spanning the river.

4. Hike in the Rif Mountains:

Hiking in the Rif Mountains will make you appreciate the nature especially the nature of the town itself. The panoramic views that you will watch from above are stunning. These mountains are as beautiful as the Atlas Mountains but they are not as well-known as them. The peaks that rise above the Mediterranean Sea and reach 6500 feet are considered among the best hiking roads in Africa. Some of the options that the place offers are the two day trek to the Talasemtane National Park. That place is amazing too and will add a lot to your trip. You can enjoy the mountains from the streets of the town; but it is a whole different experience when you head up there.

These are just for things that you can do in Chefchaouen Morocco. The blue city has a lot to offer; all you need to do is to go there and explore the city.

Top 5 Things to Do in Florence, Italy

Florence Italy


You must have heard of Florence -the capital of the Italian culture- somehow. If you know Carlo Collodi, Dante Alighieri, Donatello, Enrico Fermi, Francesco I Sforza, Giovanni Boccaccio, Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo, then you have heard of Florence.

The city is incredible in many ways. Imagine that the families that were rich in 1427 are still the richest in the city until now. The museums are still as incredible as they were. The city is considered as one of the world centers of culture and art. Here are some of the things that you should do during your visit to Florence.

  1. Renaissance beauty: Have you heard of the Uffizi. If you didn’t, let me tell you that it is the world’s greatest treasure trove of Renaissance art. You need to get up very early to enjoy it in addition to the possibility of getting Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’.
  2. Ogle gorgeous skyline: If you want to soak up the whole amazing sweep of Florence at one time, you should visit the Pizzale Michelangelo. There are three places where you can take a lot of great pictures which are the old city wall in the west to the Duomo, the Arnolfo Tower of the Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi across the river.
  3. The Duomo: While your visit, you should climb the Duomo and it is better if you climbed it twice. Until 1881, the massive dome of The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower which is known as Il Duomo di Firenze was the largest in the world. The climbing is kind of exhausting so if you are okay with the tiny spaces and 463 steps, climb up. You will get an amazing view from the lantern that is located at the very top which is the highest place in the central Florence. If you are not okay with the tiny spaces and the many steps, the adjacent Giotto’s Campanile which is known as bell tower will offer you an amazing view on the Duomo.
  4. The Italian old styles of shopping and eating: We discussed that some things in this city never change and that can be applied to the food and the shopping as many stores and restaurants. There are two famous, old places that you should visit; Da Nerbone which is running since 1872 where you can have an affordable and authentic Tuscan lunch of tripe rolls in the Mercato Centrale and Caffé Gilli which is running since 1733 where you can have coffee and pastries in a classic setting.
  5. St John the Baptist celebrations: Florence -as the most of the Italian towns- celebrates the patron saint’s day loudly. On June 24, the city will have celebrations that consist of parades in historic dress, medieval football matches, boat races, bonfires and a night marathon, and of course a fireworks display over the river.

    These are just 5 things of what you can do in Florence. Before going there, read every guide you can find about the city and know what you will do there as there are countless things to do in the capital of culture and art; Florence.

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Paris


The city of light, the capital of France and its largest city which is Paris is one of the most common destinations for anyone who wants to spend wonderful times. The reasons why you should visit Paris are countless and despite the latest terrorist attacks that will not make the light of this great city go away, the city is well-secured and still among the first tourist destinations for all travelers. Let’s explore the most common reasons why you should visit Paris.

1. The Romance:

Paris is like the global capital of romance. The city has a reputation as the city of love. Everything in Paris is magical; the river, the bridges, the spires of Notre Dame, the gardens of the Palace of Fontainebleau, a sundowner in Belleville and the hilltop district (that is where the great Edith Piaf was born). You can also enjoy a show at the Palais Garnier, and dinner at La Fermette Marboeu. All these romantic places and things to do in Paris make it the first destination of all lovers.

2. The Most Beautiful Stained Glass Ever:

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the most beautiful stained glass in the world, perhaps you should visit the Sainte Chapelle, on the Ile de la Cité. The glass that was made in the 13th century is so inspiring for all kinds of artists. The side and end of the chapel are constituted of 15 large, exquisite windows that are held together in their place by the frailest stone work. 
When the sunlight emerges with the glass, you will feel the grace and serenity that I mean. There are 1,113 panels that tell scriptural stories that are kind of impossible to follow all of them. The designers of this glass were extremely geniuses.

3. The Rodin Museum:

The new home of Rodin Museum is Hôtel Biron which has a bucolic feel about the museum. Behind the gilded dome of Les Invalides, you will find this 1970s mansion that still looks over about 7 acres of lawns. The Museum is the most perfect museum to be visited in Paris. 

4. Shopping:

Paris is known by shopping. Here, you will find the best of everything and the latest fashion designs of everything. It is the city where fashion is created. Places like the great stores on Boulevard Haussmann will not disappoint you whatever the things that you want to buy. Paris also has two of the greatest grocery stores which are Fauchon and Hédiard in Europe. Also, the best fashion place that you will ever find in Europe is Avenue Montaigne and the best place that makes jewels is Place Vendôme.

Well, if we tried to mention everything that you can do in Paris, we will take years. Visit Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Champs Elysées / Arc of Triumph, Cruise on the Seine, Palace of Versailles, The Latin Quarter (Luxembourg Park), Moulin Rouge and anywhere else you find in any guide regarding you visit.

Top 3 Tourist Attractions in Cairo

The famous Egyptian capital which is Cairo is one of the greatest cities throughout history. Have you ever been in a city and you loved and hated it at the same time? Cairo is one of these cities that you will love for its history and you will hate for its crowding, pollution and noise. Egypt is called The Mother of the World so no trip to Egypt is complete without visiting Cairo. Let’s see some of the best historical places that you should visit in Cairo.

1. The Pyramids of Giza:

Anyone who visits Cairo must visit the pyramids of Giza. You will of course enjoy the great history of the three temples that have been attracting tourist and visitors for centuries but you will have to deal with the heat, the dust and the hustle that may happen to you.
The Great Pyramid or the Pyramid of Khufu is the largest. You can explore the interior narrow passages but there isn’t much to see. Also, there is the Solar Boat Museum behind the Great Pyramid.
Going south, you will find the Pyramid of Khefre. There is an internal tunnel area that you can enter and explore too.
The third Pyramid is the Pyramid of Menkarue. Sphinx which is has the body of the lion and the face of a pharaoh guards the three pyramids.

2. The Egyptian Museum:
One of the greatest museums in the whole world because of the great collection that it displays. The museum that was founded in 1857 has a collection that you need to spend months to see every single one of it.
The main collections that you should see while visiting the Museum are Tutankhamun Galleries which display all the treasures found in the tomb of Tutankameun that was discovered by Howard Carter, the Egyptian Jewelry collection and Royal Mummies Collection where you can see great kings and queens like Hatshepsut, Tuthmosis II, Ramses II, and Seti I.
You will find out a lot of information about all the historical pieces that you will find there and the tour guide will provide you with a lot of valuable information too.

3. Khan el-Khalili:
This is one of the greatest shopping experiences that you will ever do. The main streets of this open bazaar are historical themselves. The tiny stores and cluttered workshops are where you can find some of the Egyptian traditional products that can be wonderful souvenirs like antiques. The most famous coffee shop in Egypt which is Al-Fishawi is there too where you can drink a cup of Egyptian tea and feel the history of the place and the love of the Egyptian people to their tourists.     
Al-Muski and Al-Muizz Li-Din Allah are the main streets there where most of the action happens.

There are some concerns regarding safety and security traveling in Egypt nowadays yet the country is not that dangerous especially Cairo which is well-secured especially for tourists. The Egyptian people are lovely and their hospitality is outstanding. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the greatest countries and greatest civilization ever.


With so many beaches in the world deciding on which beach to visit can sometimes be challenging. However, factors such as clean and clear waters, less crowded beaches, other amazing features, hotels and resorts along the beaches and the accessibility of the beaches are the first thing you should think of when selecting the beach to visit. The following four beaches are the best beaches in the world that you can ever dream of visiting at least once in a lifetime.


  • Hawaii – The Big Island

In Hawaii, you get to enjoy the exclusive black sand pf beach of Palau’s which is as a result of volcano activities and so is the unique green sand beach of Papakolea. In this Island, you not only enjoy the beaches, but you also get a chance to have an amazing experience in the Volcanoes National Park which is also located on the Island. The beaches of Hawaii are a perfect place to go on holiday, and it’s a dream destination for many people across the world.

  • Bali

Bali beaches give its visitors an exceptional experience of white sands, crystal clear blue amazing waters and the legendary sunsets that are a norm of every day. All across the beaches, numerous five-star hotels and restaurants give direct access to the beaches on the island. From the rooms of your hotel, you can enjoy magnificent sunsets, or you can spend the evening outside on the secure beaches.

  • Diani, Kenya

Intimate, uncrowded, vibrant paradise on the still and quiet extensive shores of the Indian Ocean located on the south coast of beautiful Kenya. The beaches extend to 20-kilometer stretch with many five-star resorts as well as budget restaurants for budget travelers. Dian beaches are characterized by clear and clean water from seaweed that is cleared by the coral reef just offshore. You can enjoy an evening around a bonfire and live bands that perform around the beaches. You get a nice chance to interact with Kenyan culture and the lovely people of Kenya.

  • Rio de Janeiro

For party lovers, this is the best destination. There is always a party happening in Rio beaches. The popular beaches are Copacabana and Ipanema which can host hundreds of sun seekers and evening party lovers. In Rio de Janeiro you get to enjoy the amazing views of Sugarloaf Mountain as well as interact with the amazing cultures and enjoy local seafood served in the hotels located along the beaches.

Beaches are known to be best places to spend holidays and wind up your mind as you enjoy swimming in the salt waters. The salt waters are also characterized by their skin softening and healing abilities. At the beaches, you can as well get to experience the live marine experience by watching sea creatures and also by taking the adventurous deep-sea diving and interact with sea creatures. You can also board boats at the beaches and explore the waters when the oceans and the seas are still.